Hand Crafted "One of a Kind",  Limited Edition and 
Custom Made Rosaries and Chaplets 
About  Our Hand Made Rosaries
What inspires the focus of each rosary? 

Themes, or focuses, for our pieces are inspired by  Marian titles and doctrine, scripture, prayer and spiritual writings.  The supply of  inspirations is so vast  that we could create hand made rosaries for many lifetimes  without ever running out of themes.  

If you have any questions about a particular piece, or if you  have a scripture, saint or  prayer which is  close to your heart and would like a rosary custom made, please e-mail us at [email protected] .  
We would love  to discuss a design with you.

"From my youthful years this prayer has held an important place in my spiritual life…To it I have entrusted any number of concerns; in it I have always found comfort..........The Rosary is my favourite prayer.
 A marvellous prayer! Marvellous in its simplicity and its depth…

~ Saint Pope John Paul II ~
Letter on the Rosary ~ Rosarium Virginis Mariae ~ 2002

All rosary designs copyright Marilyn Nash

Our view

As creations of Our Father, whose vision is infinite,  we are distinctive,  each having been given different gifts, views, strengths and interests.  We are unique.  This perspective leads us in the creation of each rosary and keeps us committed to offering them as  “one- of-a-kind”, “limited edition” and custom designed. We view our hand made rosaries as objects of spiritual art.  Each is prayerfully created and, always dedicated to Mary.  Our hope is that each rosary will be chosen because it reflects the spirit of  the person who will own  and pray it. 

We believe also, that  everyone who appreciates an artful rosary should be able to own one.   For this reason, you will find  a range of prices, depending upon the materials used.  What you will not find is less quality or  craftsmanship.

All our hand made rosaries and chaplets are prayerfully created.  

A chain began when we sold our first rosary. This chain links us to each person who owns one and we are ever joined in prayer.

In addition to donations made to various Catholic charities, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our rosaries will be donated to 
Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital

Mary Holding the Christ Child
Jean Fouquet
The Process of creating each rosary

What goes into the making of our rosaries?
It can take as long as one full week to create and list a rosary on our website.
We begin with the theme; prayer, Marian title, Scripture, etc.  

Next, we shop for the beads, always keeping in mind the symbolism of each element to the focus of the rosary. This includes the combination of elements; beads ~material, shape and color, crucifix and center and the relationship of each part to the others. 
Research. Because we want to offer information about the focus of each rosary and why that focus was chosen, we research the origin of the prayer or Marian title. This, sometimes involves a day or two of reading encyclicals, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, information on saints or homilies on Scripture.

Once the rosary is created and the research complete, the writing for the web page is done. This, of course, includes a description of the rosary and explanation of its symbolism.  

Photographing. I often take near fifty photos of each, edit and choose the images which I feel best represent the rosary.
Now we are ready to list the rosary on our website. First, a new page is created specifically for that rosary. With the rosary as my guide, I research art to find an image which works with its theme and color. From there, the page is put together. Once the main page is complete, the rosary is added, with a brief description, to the page titled “Newly Added Rosaries.” It then is added to pages where it is shown by color, material and price. Lastly, it is added to our “View All” page where you can view every rosary by thumbnail, with prices, links to the main page and an option to purchase directly from that page, if you choose.

And, of course, while all this is happening, we are asking guidance from Our Lady so that each rosary is created prayerfully and with a clear devotion to her. Often, she leads us to a title or a particular bead. We never forget that, it is by the Grace of God that each rosary comes to completion and we are well aware that it is God who gave us the hands to work and the creativity to produce the rosary.

 Ultimately, it is God who created each rosary.  
So, you see, it is not just a matter of stringing pretty beads, taking a photo and putting the image on a web page. Much more goes into the creating and posting of each rosary we offer.