Blessed John Henry Newman comments on Mary’s title Mirror of Justice telling us, 
By “justice” we do not mean what is understood in ordinary English; instead we mean “all virtues at once, a perfect, virtuous state of soul—righteousness, or moral perfection; so that it answers very nearly to what is meant by sanctity.” And Mary reflects like a mirror the holiness of the one with whom she lived with for close to thirty years.

Holy Mary, Mirror of Justice, you reflect Jesus even more beautifully than the moon reflects the rays of the sun, pray for us that we too may be a mirror of your Son.
~Blessed John Henry Newman ~ On Mary’s title, Mirror of Justice ~ 

This rosary was created to honor Our Lady as Mirror of Justice. 
Mirrored Czech glass, reflecting its way through this sacred strand, symbolizes Our Lady as the mirror who reflects the virtues of her Son and reminds us that these virtues are the footsteps which we are to follow. The intertwining lines of the spider jasper Aves suggests the connectedness of Mary and her Son and the ways in which they reflect each other. A Mother and Child image so perfectly represents the title of this rosary, that we could imagine no other. This image is portrayed on a large Italian imported center. Also imported from Italy, is the large decorative crucifix which completes this limited edition rosary which measures 22 1/2".
Limited to an edition of three
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Mirror of Justice
O Mary, when I consider my own justice, I perceive, alas! That it is hardly better than that of the Scribes and Pharisees. (Matthew: 20.) I implore thee, therefore, that thou obtain for me of thy Son the grace ever to grow in this virtue, in order that, like thyself, I may serve the Lord with faithfulness, and thus come at last to eternal bliss. 
When Our Lady is called the “Mirror of Justice,” it is meant to say that she is the mirror of sanctity, holiness, supernatural goodness. But what is meant by calling her a mirror? A mirror is a surface which reflects, such as still water, polished steel, or a looking glass.

What did Mary reflect? She reflected our Lord—but he is infinite sanctity. She then, as far as a creature could, reflected his divine sanctity, and therefore she is the Mirror of Sanctity, or as the Litany says, of Justice.

Do we ask how she came to reflect his sanctity? It was by living with him. We see every day how alike people get to each other who live with those they love.

All of us perceive this; we are witnesses to it with our own eyes and ears—in the expression of their features, in their voice, in their walk, in their language, even in their handwriting, they become like each other; and so with regard to their minds, as in their opinions, their tastes, their pursuits. And again doubtless in the state of their souls, which we do not see, whether for good or for bad.

Now, consider that Mary loved her divine Son with an unutterable love; and consider too she had him all to herself for thirty years. Don’t we see that, as she was full of grace before she conceived him in her womb, she must have had a vast incomprehensible sanctity when she had lived close to God for thirty years? A sanctity of an angelical order, reflecting back the attributes of God with a full- ness and exactness of which no saint upon earth, or hermit, or holy virgin, can even remind us. Truly then she is the Mirror of Divine Perfection.
~Blessed John Henry Newman~

. . . the heart of Mary became, as it were, a mirror of the Passion of the Son, in which might be seen, faithfully reflected, the spitting, the blows and wounds, and all that Jesus suffered.' 
~Saint Lawrence Justinian~

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