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"THOUGHT FROM FATHER FABER - St. Joseph worshiped Jesus as no saint before had done. From his deep, calm soul he poured out a very ocean of love - tenderest love, humblest love, love shrinking from being like the Father's love, yet also daring to be like it as Mary's had been like the conjoined loves of Father and of Spirit, as she was Mother and Spouse conjoined. No angel might love Jesus as Joseph loved Him, as Joseph was bound to love Him. No temporal love but Mary's could be more like an eternal love than the love of Joseph for the Child, because of its likeness to the love of the everlasting Father. Aside from the Blessed Virgin, Saint Joseph was the first and most perfect adorer of Our Lord." 

~ St. Peter Julian Eymard ~

All rosary designs copyright Marilyn Nash
Saint Joseph and The Holy Family
Is this not the carpenter’s son? 
Is not His mother called Mary? 
And His brothers James, Joses, Simon, and Judas?
Matthew 13:55 

This rosary was created  to call us to prayer in honor of Saint Joseph, the leader of the Holy Family.  Hopefully, this will lead us to a prayer of appreciation for all parents.  

Every component of this rosary, be it visual or physical, is symbolic of Saint Joseph and his role as guide and protector of the sacred family. To protect his family, Saint Joseph lead them into Egypt. This long and arduous journey is symbolized by the color of sand and the look of stone in the brown varnish Ave beads. Genuine red tiger eye Paters, with their resemblance to wood, and the silver-tone spacers, symbolic of nails represent the supplies used by this holy carpenter. The center illustrates the Holy Family on one side and on the reverse is inscribed, “The family that prays together stays together.” Completing this rosary and further representing Joseph as the carpenter, is a hand carved imported wood crucifix. 
This limited edition rosary measures 22".

Your Saint Joseph rosary will be shipped in a silk-like pouch and gift box.

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Prayer to Saint Joseph

Glorious Saint Joseph! Thou to whom God confided the care of the two persons He most loved on earth, forget not that we too have been entrusted to thy care. 
Thou who art our protector and our father, deign to take our interests into thy own hands, but above all, watch over all that concerns our souls. 
O virtuous guardians of the Holy Family, by thy powerful intercession, make us a family of saints. And since to merit thy favors, we must strive to imitate thy virtues, obtain for us all a sincere will to walk in thy footsteps and to be like thee, full of love for Jesus and Mary and faithful to all our other duties. 
Thou art too jealous of the glory of God and our salvation to refuse to receive our prayers.
O beloved head of the Holy Family, graciously hear us. 
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