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 The Mother of Our Judge

" While remaining the mother of our Judge, Mary is a mother to us, full of mercy. She constitutes our protection. She keeps us
close to Christ, and she faithfully takes the matter of our salvation into her charge."  
~Saint Peter Canisius~
(1521 - 1597)

We chose this quote as the focus for this rosary because it simply and beautifully defines Mary’s significance to our salvation.
We, then, chose these beads to symbolize and recognize Mary as the Mother of our Judge because of their contrast in shading. As Catholic Christians, we are called to understand that God is a just judge and we are ever grateful to have His mother to intercede, on our behalf, for His mercy. This is a simple rosary. Its Aves symbolize the contrast of sin and Grace and its jet Paters remind us of the consequence of remaining in sin. A large Miraculous medal and simple crucifix illustrate hope in that they repeat the promise of eternal life and Our Lady’s loving part of our salvation.
Crucifix and center are imported from Italy.
This very limited edition rosary measures 22.”
Limited to an edition of two

Your “Mother of Our Judge” rosary will be shipped in a fabric pouch and gift box.

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$89.50 including shipping outside the US

​~Just one remaining~
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$69.50 ~ ship within the US
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~Just one remaining~
For the Spirit of Mary
Saint Louis de Montfort

My powerful Queen,
you are all mine through your mercy,
and I am all yours.
Take away from me all that may displease God
and cultivate in me all that is pleasing to Him.
May the light of your faith
dispel the darkness of my mind,
your deep humility
take the place of my pride,
your continual sight of God
fill my memory with His presence.
May the first of the love of your heart
inflame the lukewarmness of my own heart.
May your virtues take the place of my sins.
May your merits be my enrichment
and make up for all
that is wanting in me before God.
My beloved Mother,
grant that I may have no other spirit but your spirit, 
to know Jesus Christ and his Divine will
and to praise and glorify the Lord,
that I may love God with burning love like yours.


“For God, having given her power over his only-begotten and natural Son, also gave her power over his adopted children – not only in what concerns their body – which would be of little account – but also in what concerns their soul.”  
~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort~

Rosary design copyright Marilyn Nash 2016

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